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Baluns for CCTV

DNI5008 - Video Balun - Active Receiver

- Video Balun Active Receiver;

- For the Video that amplifies the signal;

- For use with paired UTP cables on CCTV Systems resulting in higher

   distance between camera and video with better image and reduced cost;

- Voltage: 12V;

- Type of Environment Indicated: Security Systems in General, Transmission of

   video images (CCTV);

- Maximum Distance between Camera and Video:

   Using 2 Assets: Up to 2800m - Black and White Images / Up to 2000m - Color Images;

   Using 1 Active and 1 Passive: Up to 2000m - Black and White Images / up to 1600m - Color Images;

- Approximate Dimensions: 3.7 x 5 x 2.5cm.

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