Relays and Modules

DNI0123 - Mini Auxiliary Relay 30A - 12V


- Mini Universal Auxiliary Relay, with Resistor, 4 Terminals, without bracket;

- Voltage: 12V;

- Current: 30A;

- With Resistor in parallel with the coil;

- Application: Electronic injection, High / Low beam, Auxiliary headlights, Rear window defroster, Electric Fuel Pump, Universal, General Purpose;

- Fiat: Uno, Elba, Tempra; Ford: Del Rey, Escort Argentino, Escort, Verona, Fiesta; GM: Ipanema, Corsa - Todos, Monza, Kadett, Omega, Vectra, S-10; New Holand: Série 30, Série 40, Série 60, Série T7000, Série TM, Série TS; VW: Pointer, Gol, Santana, Logus, Saveiro.

VOLKSWAGEN_/_AUDI  52288733, 542937503D, 1K0951253
FIAT 52288733, 542937503D, 7525171, 7320415

52288733, 542937503D, 86AG14N089AA, 86AU14N089A, 86AU14N089AA,86AU14N89A, 07320414, 8T2T14B192AA, 8L8T14B192AA, 85GG14N089CA, 93BG19W572AA, 96FG14N089AA, 86AG7K05, 85GG14N089CA, 6G9T14B192AA, 5M5T14B192AA, 98FU14N089BA, 86AG7K05,96FG19W572AA,  

GM / OPEL / VAUXHALL 24433728, 52288733, 542937503D, 93238065 
NEW_HOLLAND                 83990086, 83990024
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