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DNI 0883 - 12Vdc Inverter For 220Vac - 300W

- Inverter from 12Vdc to 220Vac;

- Input voltage: 12Vdc;

- Output voltage: 220Vac;

- Maximum Power: 300W;

- Peak Power: 400W;

- Undervoltage protection at the entrance;

- Over current protection at the output;

- With Normalized output plug and USB output (5Vdc - 0.5A);

- Suitable for: Industrial automation, wind power, camping, hobby and leisure, computers and notebooks, TV, video, cameras, fax and communication equipment, emergency light, mp3, cell phone charger, etc .;

- Metal box in black color of fine finish;

- Approximate Dimensions: 170 x 60 x 110mm.

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